Austin 5G Action Network

5th Generation (5G) wireless technology appears to pose significant risks to our health, environment, property values, and privacy. Here in Austin, big tech companies and our city council are trying to fast-track it. To find out how 5G could potentially affect us, please read this brief letter of concern.

Those living in the Brentwood neighborhood who wish to attend a community meeting to discuss concerns about 5G, continue here.

For other neighborhoods in Austin Texas, see here.

NEW: Map of currently active 5G sites in Austin

This short video from former Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg provides an excellent, concise summary on the growing controversy surrounding 5G technology. If you are short on time this video will get you quickly up to speed.

Additional Resources

A select few additional links, intended not to overwhelm or overload you with information, but here for those wanting to learn more on the potential for adverse consequences from 5G.

General Information

What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells
A 2-page PDF ‘quck reference guide’ from the Environmental Health Trust (EHT), covering the most salient issues with key links to 5G research.

EHT’s Top Facts on 5G
A more comprehensive version of the above PDF which goes into greater detail.

Are 5G Towers Really More Dangerous?
Informative article on the differences between 4G and 5G

NEW: Brand New Study on 5g Explains The Dangers of EMF Exposure

Derrick Broze breaks down a newly published study which examines the health implications of 5g and why past studies have been flawed.

5G Impact On Property Values

Property Values Declining Near Cell Towers
A summary of over a dozen articles and videos related to the negative impact on property values stemming from wireless antenna and tower installations

Locally Related News

City of Austin sues Texas over massive new telecom bill
“The city claims part of the new law also grants telecom companies access to private property, even if the property owner has not given consent.”

Get Involved

Printable Resources
Resources you can download, print and share with friends and family, including flyers, postcards, letters, fact sheets, etc.

Letters From Doctors on WiFi in Schools And Cell Towers On Schools
These letters can be printed and shared with your local school, teachers and other child caregivers, to help spread awareness about the impacts of cellular radiation on children who are more vulnerable than adults.

How to Take Action Against 5G – Max Igan In Conversation With Ray Broomhall
A podcast interview with Australian Barrister Raymond Broomhall, explains a method for doing an end-run around the telecom companies by filing for assault under the criminal code. Successful application of this method in communities across Australia are presented.